Have You Considered PRP Hair Restoration Therapy?

Any form of hair loss can be disheartening. While there are several different hair restoration processes, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is one of the most effective. PRP therapy is a natural method of hair restoration that works by using plasma from your own body and injecting it into your scalp. Your blood cells then strengthen follicles, boosting natural hair growth. If you’re not convinced that this is the option for you, consider the benefits.


Many other hair restoration methods use outside substances to restore hair growth. While these methods go through testing, there’s a risk of your body rejecting the treatment or having an allergic reaction. In contrast, PRP therapy uses your body’s own cells, meaning there’s no risk of such negative reactions.

Minimal Discomfort

Other hair restoration procedures can involve surgery, which is a lengthy and uncomfortable process. The entire PRP procedure only involves drawing your blood the same way as routine testing, and your doctor will administer a local anesthesia when injecting the platelets into your scalp, allowing for very little discomfort through the process.

Lack of Down Time

If a procedure involves surgery, you may need to go through downtime and recovery before resuming your normal routine. Since PRP only involves a local anesthesia, you are perfectly capable of getting back to your life once the procedure is over. You will even be able to drive yourself away from the appointment without any side effects.

High Success Rate

PRP treatments are effective in most cases. After you complete your treatments, you’ll likely see results three months after, and some people start to see hair growth as early as two months afterward. Full results often start to come into a play a year after your treatment, where you can see how much growth has occurred.


Hair transplants, pills, and topical creams can all be expensive – and without the same rates of success. PRP hair restoration therapy is an affordable option with a much higher likelihood of combating your hair loss, making it much more cost-effective than other potential treatment methods.


While most men find PRP appealing as an option to restore their hairlines, this therapy can also restore facial hair.

Brings Back Confidence

Hair loss can make you feel less sure of your appearance, which can have a negative impact on your overall self-image. When you restore your hair with PRP therapy, you see results quickly, which boosts your confidence as you begin to look younger and healthier. Even you already feel good about yourself, these treatments make it easy to feel better about other aspects of your life as well.

Whether your hair loss is due to age, male-pattern baldness, or alopecia, PRP hair restoration therapy gives you a safe, effective, and affordable option to consider. Reach out to the experts at Austin Clinic for Men to learn more about how PRP therapy can help you.