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At Austin Clinic for Men, we support innovative health and wellness care that can be integrated into your daily life. We aim to provide the best possible results by building dependable, long-term relationships with our valued clientele. We trust in the invaluable skills of our healthcare team  to prodivde excellent mens clinic prices while always prioritizing respectful, discreet care at our Austin facility.

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We pride ourselves on a success rate of nearly 99% – further proof that our treatments are truly life-changing. We are so sure that we offer the following guarantee: Your consultation, lab work and sample medication costs are FREE if your provider cannot induce an erection during your initial visit. Pharmacy pricing may vary and could require additional prescriptions at an additional cost. Your complete satisfaction is our primary goal at Austin Clinic for Men. We offer only non-surgical treatments and FDA-approved medications. We respect your privacy. We uphold discretion and confidentiality in all aspects of our practice and do not share your personal health information, unless explicitly authorized by you or mandated by law. Austin Clinic for Men follows HIPAA policies at all times.

Included in Your Confidential Consultation:

  • Private consultation with a physician and/or medical provider
  • Ultrasound using Doppler technology
  • Sample of Test Medication (for ED, for example)
  • Lab Tests (*If your medical provider recommends Testosterone, PSA, and Estrogen screenings)
  • One-year refills on applicable prescriptions

At Austin Clinic for Men we have successfully treated a range of common issues facing men today. Though we specialize in treatment for conditions including erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and other sexual dysfunctions among males, it is rare that we encounter a condition we have not seen or treated in our years of experience involving men’s sexual health and wellness. Dr. Robert Ersek and our team at Personique of licensed health care practitioners are highly experienced in treating erectile dysfunction due to diabetes, age, high blood pressure, impotence and even heart disease. We have even treated patients after undergoing total or partial prostate removal that can experience functional erections again after their first visit. Contact us today to feel lively and energetic again!

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We are a full service clinic specializing in male vitality. Let our physicians help you achieve optimal health and performance.

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Enhance your sex life with cutting edge techniques that can help you reclaim the anticipation, joy, and thrill of sex.


Revive youthful energy and increase mental clarity with a range of treatments that provide total rejuvenation.

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