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All-Inclusive Men’s Medical Weight Loss

Weight loss programs in Austin TX can vary greatly between men and women. Our program is customized to the more comprehensive nutritional needs of men over women during weight loss. Men are also motivated differently and require a weight loss system that is tailored to their mindset. Our all-inclusive Medical Weight Loss Austin Tx Program for Men was designed to approach weight loss logically and in a linear fashion in order to help men reach their goal weight. Can you recall a time a decade or more ago, when you were in the best shape of your life so far? You might remember having more energy and endurance, and a stronger libido. The combination of age, careless food choices and less exercise can all help you to put on the weight over the years, which may have led to feeling stuck in the body you’re in, today. If you’re experiencing a flabby belly, loss of muscle tone or added inches where you used to feel slim and trim, Austin Clinic for Men can help you get results, without gimmicks or tricks. Our medical specialists are experts in treating the unique needs of men throughout the weight loss process.

What to expect during your first visit

You can expect your first visit to last for about an hour. We like to spend this much time with you to discuss your individual goals and customize a plan just for you. Our specialized plan will incorporate your lifestyle, including the demands of your family and work life and your current and ideal physical activity levels. From a medical perspective, we will also consider your testosterone levels, estradiol, PSA and glucose levels and monitor any notable decreases in recent years. We may even be able to start you on a testosterone program immediately for fast results.

What is included in the weight loss program?

1. Personalized weight loss plan (tailored to your needs) 2. Up to ten office visits over a 10-week period 3. Included prescription and non-prescription weight loss formulas 4. A 90-Day supply of proprietary multi-vitamin supplements, customized for you 5. Customized diet plan and food program 6. Weekly sessions for continued support and to record progress 7. Vital checks and weigh-ins each week 8. Professional medical staff supervision 9. Personalized hormone-balancing Losing weight fast is only one of the benefits of our program—patients have also reported feeling increased energy and libido, mental clarity and cognitive ability. Our unique approach includes hormone-balancing, a crucial element we feel is left out of most weight loss programs. * Results may vary from patient to patient, depending on their medical history and commitment to our program, diet plan and personal counseling.

Why include hormone-balancing?

Hormones greatly affect our metabolism and the ability to burn fat and lose weight. Lack of hormone-balancing in weight loss programs may be the reason many people initially lose weight but can’t keep it off. In fact, nearly a quarter of our patients who have tried other weight loss programs elsewhere gained the weight back eventually. This is likely due to the fact that hormone-balancing was not addressed. At Austin Clinic for Men, our medical professionals incorporate hormone-balancing assessment into the comprehensive 10-week program. All initial bloodwork to test testosterone, estradiol, PSA and glucose are included in the first consultation, however, if hormone replacement is needed as part of your treatment, it incurs an additional cost. Overall, Austin Clinic for Men weight loss programs can offer the following benefits:

  • Loss of fat, not muscle.
  • Loss of inches on your waistline.
  • A slimmer, less flabby face and neck.
  • Higher energy and increased metabolism.
  • Increase in your overall health and sense of well-being.

Don’t wait to join the ranks of our many trusted clientele who swear by this program for successful weight loss. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

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Weight loss

  • HCG Diet-$1200
  • Semaglutide Monthly – $299
  • B12 Injection- $15