Remington Pet Ranch

Remington Pet Ranch

Remington Pet Ranch is not only a luxury resort for the pets of Austin and surrounding areas, but it is also a fundraiser for an incredible organization founded by the Ranch’s owner, Dr. Linzi Newth.

In the summer of 2009, Dr. Newth’s career as a veterinarian began. One hot July day, she entered an exam room and met an elderly woman named MaryAnn and her precious dog, Ginger. Dr. Newth diagnosed Ginger with liver failure. She, along with MaryAnn, did everything they could but unfortunately, Ginger passed away just five weeks later.

Shortly afterwards, Dr. Newth offered to help MaryAnn find another pet but MaryAnn declined as she was too worried about what would happen to the pet if she herself became ill or passed away.

While MaryAnn was at work, Dr. Newth began taking her own dog, Remington, over to MaryAnn’s house. She was able to witness firsthand the unwavering love between MaryAnn and Remington.

The love MaryAnn had for her ginger cat Remington was immense and it was from this that Gingercare was born – a non-profit organization which sees shelter pets placed within the homes of independent living senior citizens. If the person is no longer able to care for the pet, Gingercare takes them back and finds them a new, loving home.

In order to make Gingercare sustainable, Dr. Newth created a business using her veterinary experience and love of animals to provide daycare and overnight lodging of the highest quality in the area. After she and Remington bought a 35 acre plot of land just south of Austin, they started to build a farmhouse – which is now known as Remington Pet Ranch.

Although Remington left us 6 weeks before the Ranch opened, almost exactly a year later MaryAnn also passed away. We hope they are enjoying each other’s company in the afterlife. Meanwhile, their legacy continues here in Austin.

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Pet boarding

Pet boarding at Remington Pet Ranch offers all-suite accommodations with the comforts of home and the luxury of a 5-star resort. Our staff includes veterinary professionals trained to care for your pet.

Medical boarding

Medical boarding at Remington Pet Ranch is owned and operated by a veterinarian, with vet techs to oversee care. Our facility was designed to meet the needs of every visitor. We are fully equipped and trained to care for pets with special medical requirements.

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Dog daycare

Dog daycare at Remington Pet Ranch is designed to offer the mental and physical engagement that dogs need. Between our 25,000 square feet of outdoor play yards, 35 acres of beautiful landscape and climate-controlled indoor play area, we offer boundless canine fun.

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