Hormone Balancing and Male Weight Loss

It is a frustrating, but basic, the truth that weight loss is not a simple formula of “eat right + exercise = lost weight”. Instead, it could mean specific types of exercise, specific ways of eating and even doing things like assessing the amount of stress in your life and considering your hormones.

How Hormones Affect Weight Loss

Another frustrating truth is this: you just cannot lose weight if you have a hormonal imbalance. After all, hormones include thyroid hormones that regulate the metabolism, i.e. if you have too much or too little of the right thyroid hormones, your weight can be a bit tough to control. The same thing goes for insulin, cortisol, testosterone, and estrogen. So, if you are a man who is “doing everything right” and yet still dealing with a bloated belly or unwanted body fat, take a look at hormonal balancing as part of any medical weight loss regimen.

Different Methods Needed

Of course, as is the case with so many other health-related issues, it takes a bit of time to determine which hormones are a problem for weight loss and which methods are best for getting those hormones back on track. As an example, cortisol is a stress hormone and it is often out of balance simply because the individual is living with chronic stress. To get it into balance can often mean changes to the diet, but more importantly finding some sort of activity that helps to control that stress.

Yet, there are also hormonal balancing methods that can be achieved with medical interventions. For example, those with thyroid issues may need a regimen of synthetic thyroid to help balance levels to a healthier and more natural condition.

The Benefits

Keep in mind that the benefits of balancing hormones can be quite profound. Consider these typical outcomes:

  • You begin to lose fat rather than muscle
  • You have much higher energy levels
  • Your metabolism finally matches your behaviors (i.e. you eat right and exercise, and you burn unwanted weight)
  • You shed belly fat (one of the toughest to lose if hormones are the issue)
  • You have a slimmer figure in general because you are not storing fat in an unnatural way
  • You have a greater mental clarity and sense of wellbeing

Of course, you also experience far less frustration because all of your hard work at dieting and exercise are finally going to show signs of paying off. Rather than struggling to lose weight through a very rigorous lifestyle (that few can maintain), easy to maintain routine actually yield noticeable results on the scale and to the eye.

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